Welcome to Albania Institute for International Studies

Welcome to Albanian Institute for International Studies


 Albania has made tremendous progress in the last twenty years and is moving smartly towards its European home. AIIS is both a cause and a consequence. Its sharp analytical focus on the world beyond Tirana has helped what was once one of the most isolated countries on earth, become an active contributor to the international order. These have been marvelously productive years for both Albania and its leading institute!   Daniel P. Serwer    

 The Albanian Institute for International Studies, through its many conferences and publications, has become the leading organization of its kind in Albania and an important contributor to the discussion of a broad range of issues in the Balkans in general. It has provided a forum for in-country specialists and established important contacts with analysts and policymakers throughout the Balkans and the Western world. AIIS has made an important contribution to regional and general understanding of issues facing the Balkans.  Bernd J. Fischer  

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