Completed Projects

Europa Magazine

Author: megi / Date: 10-03-2015

While many publications (dailies, weeklies and monthlies) exist in the Albanian print market one gap is evident to all those that seek qualitative comprehensive and critical information and analysis on the EU integration process and most importantly go beyond the simplistic approach of dry reporting from Tirana or Brussels. Critical thinking needs to be encouraged in order to have a plurality of thoughtful inputs into the integration debate.

European Academy

Author: megi / Date: 10-03-2015

The European Academy involves a week of intensive courses and training on EU-affairs by renowned scholars and practitioners in the area; facilitation of networking between students from different backgrounds in order to raise understanding of ways various sectors are affected by EU integration; the tailor-made drafting of educational materials/handbooks resulting from the trainings.

International Conference: A new chapter for Albania's Integration in a changing EU

Author: megi / Date: 02-03-2015

Given the new context created by the emerging dynamics of integration, AIIS gathered policy makers and technical experts from the country and the region with the aim to anticipate challenges and future developments of integration through a discussion of researchers and decision-makers. The international conference was held on September 30, 2014 during the Italian presidency and was organized in collaboration with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Office in Tirana. High level officials from Albania and the region, researchers and technical officials dealing with European integration were invited to share their country's experience with the European integration process.

The European Perspective of Albania: Perceptions and Realities 2002 - 2014

Author: megi / Date: 17-02-2015

The European Perspective of Albania: Perceptions and Realities is a long-term project that started in 2002. Since then, AIIS has assessed annually the Albanians’ perceptions and level of knowledge on European Union and European integration process. The research results have given us over time the possibility to formulate recommendations, to enhance public awareness and to reduce the misperceptions and false expectations on the Albanian membership in the European Union. 

TRAIN Programme: Fostering policy dialogue in the Western Balkans

Author: megi / Date: 17-02-2015

In the framework of the TRAIN Programme: Fostering policy dialogue in the Western Balkans, conducted by the German Council on Foreign Affairs (DGAP), AIIS researcher, Megi Llubani participated in the concluding seminar in Brussels between November 2-6, 2014. The aim of the programme was to foster dialogue and interaction between think tanks and political actors in the Western Balkans. For this programme Megi wrote the policy paper: "Beyond Numbers: Women representation in the security sector in Albania".

Challenging environment and climate change policies in Albania: turning the tide

Author: megi / Date: 17-02-2015

This project was conducted under the Think and Link Programme of the European Fund for the Balkans and aimed at to raise awareness in the political and public spheres, as well as encouraging the EU to hold Albania more accountable for improvement in the areas of environment and climate change. specific objectives of the project were: 

1.analysis of the legislative and institutional framework in Albania on environment and climate change, and

2.analysis of EU requirements in terms of environment and climate change, and how the Albanian government has responded and worked to fill the gaps in compliance.

FIVE years of NATO membership for Albania: national-regional impact and challenges ahead

Author: megi / Date: 17-02-2015

April 2014 marked the fifth year of membership for Albania in NATO. AIIS commemorated this special event with an important and wide reaching international conference discussing security challenges in Albania and the region, meetings with students as well as a national survey on public perceptions about NATO five years after joining the alliance.

Albania and EU: Towards a common future

Author: megi / Date: 17-02-2015

The Albanian Institute for International Studies (AIIS) and Radiotelevizioni Shqiptar (Albanian Radio and Television RTSH – public broadcaster)  implemented the project  “Shqipëria dhe BE: Drejt nje te ardhmeje te perbashket” – a programme series of 6 television debates on the following subjects, current state of affairs of Albania’s European integration path (candidate status ad expectations), EU and the economic identity crisis, presence of EU in Albania: projects and institutions, benefits for Albanian society groups after accession, regional context of EU enlargement.

Empowering the Albanian Media to Monitor the Stabilisation and Association Process

Author: megi / Date: 17-02-2015

The project successfully achieved the following objectives:

  • Enhanced knowledge and understanding of the SAA/SAP by Albanian journalists
  • Improved reporting quality on integration matters, away from verbatim re-statements and towards substantiated reporting
  • Increased quantity of media publications and reporting on SAA-related topics

Survey Perceptions about EU and work of EU Delegation in Albania

Author: megi / Date: 17-02-2015

National Survey and Comprehensive report (plus main findings in presentation modules) on the perceptions and evaluations of Albanian citizens on the role and activity of the EU delegation in Albania, their information levels about the EU ad integration as well as evaluation on different factors affecting integration. Since this survey was for internal purposes it was conducted respecting all commitments to the donor for disclosure.