Të dalësh nga rrugica e maces: Dekonstruksioni i Lindjes dhe Perëndimit dhe qeverisja globale

Author: megi / Date: 01-02-2016 /

In his book, "Leaving the Gato Alley: The Deconstruction of the East and the West and Global Governance" the former Spanish Ambassador to Albania offers us a real essay of thought, a conceptual edifice that helps us not only to interpret the complex international political reality at this start of century but to consider the future and propose an “assembly model” for the increasingly necessary “global governance”, as it seems clear that planet Earth today lacks a culture guaranteeing its survival and preservation. Here we have an author who has read and thought deeply and widely about the contemporary situation and invites us to read and reflect with him as, in international politics, “it is time to rethink things,” to prepare the future. 

- Francesc Badia, Icaria Editorial

Manuel Montobbio
IR Library