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Albania: 10 years of NATO membership - The impact of NATO membership and the future of security challenges

Author: ema / Date: 30-04-2019

This paper was presented by Dr. Albert Rakipi during the Conference "70 years of NATO, 10 years of NATO Membership for Albania: Cherishing peace and reflecting on the future challenges of security" held in Tirana on March 21st 2019.

This publication is produced with the support of Hanns-Seidel Foundation. 

Economic Cooperation between Albania and Serbia

Author: ema / Date: 11-01-2017

The economic dimension of regional cooperation is a key pillar for achieving an interconnected and developed Western Balkan region. Due to the prolonged economic transition, the high unemployment, especially among the youngsters, and the consideration of WB6 countries as non-functioning market economies, the economic cooperation and integration pillar has in fact topped the agenda of the ‘Berlin Process’ and has consequently received the largest allocation of funds, when compared with the other two –diplomatic and soft- pillars. 

AIIS Newsletter Issue 8 - July 2016

Author: ema / Date: 21-07-2016


AIIS Newsletter Issue 7 - April 2016

Author: ema / Date: 27-06-2016


AIIS Newsletter Issue 6 - January 2016

Author: megi / Date: 21-01-2016
Albania 25 years after: rebuilding the state and society


AIIS Newsletter Issue 5 - October 2015

Author: megi / Date: 29-10-2015

IN THIS ISSUE:        

AIIS Newsletter Issue 4 - July 2015

Author: megi / Date: 15-07-2015
media monitoring report on coverage of Greece and bilateral issues between Albania and Greece


AIIS Newsletter Issue 3 - March 2015

Author: megi / Date: 29-03-2015
Foreign Policy Forum


  • AIIS proudly announces that it was listed among the best think tanks in the world according to the 2014 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report, read more in pg 1. 
  • Our latest Report: "Albanians and the European Social Model”, Read more in “Highlight”, pg 1-3. 
  • AIIS hosts the Foreign Policy Forum lecture "Talking today’s Kosova domestic and foreign policy" by Hashim Thaci, Minsiter of Foreign Affairs and deputy Prime Minister , Read more in “Our events”, pg 4. 


Albanian Political Parties and Elections since 1991

Author: megi / Date: 19-02-2015

Albanian Political Parties and Elections since 1991
Arjan Dyrmishi

This paper examines the party system in Albania focusing on: 1) the emergence of the multi-party system which combined the features of the so-called “third wave of democracy” and the legacy of the authoritarian past; 2) its implications on the transition process and on the way the political system was shaped; 3) the electoral system and the implication on the format of the party system and the dynamics of the inter-party competition. 

Bektashism in Albania: Political History of a Religious Movement

Author: megi / Date: 19-02-2015

Bektashism in Albania: Political History of a Religious Movement
Albert Doja

The system of beliefs and practices related to Bektashism seems to have corresponded to a kind of liberation theology, whereas the structure of Bektashi groups corresponded more or less to the type of religious organization conventionally known as charismatic groups. It becomes understandable therefore that their spiritual tendency could at times connect with and meet social, cultural and national perspectives. In turn, when members of the previously persecuted religious minority will acquire a degree of religious and political respectability within society at large, the doctrines of heterodoxy and liberation theology fade into the background. In the end, the heirs of the heterodox promoters of spiritual reform and social movement turn into followers and faithful defenders of a legitimate authority. They become the spokespeople for an industrialized orthodoxy whose support is sought by the political regime.


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