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While progress during Albania’s 20 years of transition has advanced many areas of life and to a certain degree established and developed civil society, the academic realm has unfortunately not cherished the same benefits and level of modernization. Among numerous salient problems and constraints, the quality of literature and teaching curricula, especially in the social science fields, has been a particularly problematic issue. The curricula and texts inherited from the communist regime were not only outdated but also very limited and distorted in their coverage and interpretation. On the other hand, the initial attempts to correct the situation matched other levels of development and did not result in the professional and comprehensive translation of contemporary literature in the respective fields. This lack of curricula has been an obstacle to many of the academic institutions and professors who face significant difficulties in attempts to provide even the basic comprehensive textbooks and recommended materials in their course syllabi, which are currently shaped by very narrow choices. The AIIS Library of International Relations and History intents to fill a few of the gaps in Social Science literatures.

Bazat e marrëdhënieve ndërkombëtare

Bazat e marrëdhënieve ndërkombëtare
Karen Mingst

Essentials of International Relations uses a framework that focuses on the core concepts and theories. The contending perspectives of realism, liberalism, radicalism, and constructivism are used consistently throughout the text. And three levels of analysis—the international-system level, the state level, and the individual level—help structure the student’s understanding of world politics. With Essentials of International Relations, instructors can emphasize the events and issues they want, knowing that the students are learning the basics. 

Shteti modern

Shteti modern
Christopher Pierson

The new edition of this well-established and highly regarded textbook continues to provide the clearest and most comprehensive introduction to the modern state. It examines the state from its historical origins at the birth of modernity to its current jeopardized position in the globalized politics of the 21st Century. The book has been entirely revised and updated throughout, including substantial new material on the financial crisis and the environment.

Shteti, lufta dhe gjendja e luftes

Shteti, lufta dhe gjendja e luftës
Kaveli Holsti

The State, War and the State of War. Why do we have Rwandas, Bosnias, and Somalias? This book explores the sources of such bitter, prolonged conflicts that result in immense human tragedies of civilian deaths and mass refugee flows. The author argues that such conflicts, and not wars between states, are the wars of the future. What can the United Nations and other international institutions do about them? Can organizations designed to manage conflicts between states successfully manage wars whose origins are domestic? The author develops some ideas about conflict resolution and peace derived from such recent experiences of war. 

Ndertimi i shtetit

Ndertimi i shtetit
Francis Fukuyama

Fukuyama begins State-Building with an account of the broad importance of "stateness." He rejects the notion that there can be a science of public administration, and discusses the causes of contemporary state weakness. He ends the book with a discussion of the consequences of weak states for international order, and the grounds on which the international community may legitimately intervene to prop them up.

Vizioni Strategjik

Vizioni Strategjik
Zbigniew Brzezinski

By 1991, following the disintegration first of the Soviet bloc and then of the Soviet Union itself, the United States was left standing tall as the only global super-power. The 21st century seemed destined to be yet another American century. But that optimism did not last long as the stock market bubble and the costly foreign unilateralism of the younger Bush presidency, as well as the financial catastrophe of 2008 jolted America – and much of the West – into a sudden recognition of its systemic vulnerability to unregulated greed. In Strategic Vision, esteemed author and former National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski argues that to quell mounting anxieties about the growing capacity for Eastern economic and technological innovation, America must define and pursue a long-term geopolitical vision. Only in this way will it become more strategically deliberate and historically enlightened in its global engagement with the new East. A tactical blueprint, Strategic Vision argues that without an America that is economically vital, socially appealing, responsibly powerful, and capable of sustaining an intelligent foreign engagement, the geopolitical prospects for the West could become increasingly grave.

Kontrata si Premtim

Libri "Kontrata si premtim" i autorit Charles Fried, Profesor i jurisprudences se pergjithshme ne Harvard Law School. 
"Nje liber terheqes dhe provokues mbi bazat filozofike te ligjit te kontratave...Argumenti i Fridit na jep nje shembull te fuqishem per pikepamjen se ligji i kontratave ka integritetin e vet intelektual te njohur dhe te dallueshem...Studentet do te gjejne nje ndihme te madhe ne hipotezen bashkuese te Fridit" - Yale Law Review

Historia e Integrimit Evropian Institucionet e Bashkimit Evropian Politikat e Bashkimit Evropian

Këta tre libra ofrojnë një prezantim të plotë të integrimit evropian që prej viteve ’50 deri më sot. Librat vijnë në strukturën tradicionale: historia, institucionet dhe politikat, por gjithashtu janë të përfshira edhe tema e zgjerimit dhe ndryshimet e traktateve.

Anarkia që po troket

Anarkia qe po troket 
Robert D. Kaplan 

From the bestselling author of Balkan Ghosts and The Ends of the Earth comes a fascinating new book on the imminent global chaos that is as brilliant as it is necessary, as original as it is controversial.

The end of the Cold War has not ushered in the global peace and prosperity that many had anticipated. Environmental degradation is causing the rampant spread of famine and disease, and a rising number of nations are being torn by violent wars of fierce tribalism and trenchant regionalism. Our newest democracies, such as Russia and Venezuela, are bloody maelstroms of violence and crime, while America is beset with an alarmingly high number of apathetic citizens content to concern themselves with matters of entertainment and convenience. Bold, erudite, and profoundly important, The Coming Anarchy is a compelling must-read by one of today's most penetrating writers and provocative minds.

Gjashtë muaj mbretëri: Kujtime nga sekretari vetjak i Princit Vilhelm Vid

Gjashtë muaj mbretëri: Kujtime nga sekretari vetjak i Princit Vilhelm Vid​
Duncan Heaton-Armstrong

The Albanian kingdom is one of the most critical periods in the history of Albania. At the same time it is one of the least known and most distorted, espcially in the Albanian historiography. The memoirs of Duncan Heaton-Armstrong, personal secretary of Prince Vilheld Wied, describe in details historical developments of the time.

Përse kombet shkojnë në luftë

Perse kombet shkojne ne lufte 
John G. Stoessinger

WHY NATIONS GO TO WAR is unique. The reflections of author John G. Stoessinger are built around ten case studies and provide a deep analysis of the root causes of modern war, from from World War I to the modern day. The author's main emphasis is on the pivotal role of the personalities of leaders who take their nations, or their following, across the threshold into war. Students are sure to remember Stoessinger's thoughts on war long after their completion of his book. The new 11th edition is completely updated, including references to the recent elections in Afghanistan.