AIIS European Program

In the last twenty five years, the Albanian society has reached a remarkable unity of purpose around the process of European integration. Since 2002 AIIS has established the European Program with the mission to facilitate Albania’s EU integration process by providing the policy-making community with relevant literature, expertise and assistance.

To achieve its mission, AIIS European Program:
• Supports the European integration process
• Encourages public debate and increases public awareness on challenges and opportunities of European integration
• Conducts policy impact research on governing practices in Albania and promote the principles of good governance
• Advices the Albanian government on the implementation of capacity building measures and human resources development in order to comply with EU membership criteria

In this regard two important components of the European Program are: 

1- The European Perspective of Albania: Perceptions and realities series. Since 2002 AIIS is the only think tank to measure the level of knowledge and perceptions of different segments of the Albanian society regarding the European Union and Albania's European integration process. This long time initiative is composed of a yearly national survey and a final report on main finding, conclusions and recommendations offered to relevant stakeholders. '

2- European Academy. The European Academy is a set of intensive courses and training on EU-affairs by renowned scholars and practitioners in the area; facilitation of networking between students from different backgrounds in order to raise understanding of ways various sectors are affected by EU integration; the tailor-made drafting of educational materials/handbooks resulting from the trainings. This initiative is carried out in collaboration with House of Europe and has turned into a yearly activity for the last 5 years.