AIIS Newsletter Issue 2 - December 2014


  • Our latest Report: "Greece and the Albanian-Greek relations in the Albanian print media 2014", brings out interesting and controversial data about coverage of bilateral relations, Read more in “Highlight”, pg 1,3.
  • AIIS hosts the Foreign Policy Forum lecture "Talking today’s Iran" by Dr. Seyed Vahid Karimi, the Director of IPIS (Teheran), Read more in “Our events”, pg 2.
  • Our staff and speakers meet up with the students in Korca to discuss Europe, the EU and Albania’s path to integration in the framework of the European Forum initiative. Read more in “Our events”, pg 2.
  • We travel to Munich, Budva and Brussels to discuss our latest research and bring our voices to the latest policy debates, Read more in “Other activities and contributions”, pg 4.
  •  AIIS is always enriching its team. Two new experts join our research program. Read more about them in “Welcome on board!”, pg 2.
  • Calling on experts and authors to contribute with Academic papers for our international conference next year “Albania 25 years after communism, Rebuilding state and society”, read more in “Call for Papers”, pg 4.