Albania-Serbia relations in the eyes of the Albanian Public 2015

This survey, which has also served to launch our center, is the first step in assessing the currentstate of relations as perceived by citizens of Albania. The photography of citizens’ perceptions is valuable not only as a window to more information about evaluations, myths and misunderstandings but also as a way to measure what expectations about the future of these relations are. Knowing the public opinion pulse and the general level of support for better relations (or lack of thereof) will assist decision makers and policy makers in designing the most effective course for foreign policy, collaboration projects and agreements in the field of economic and cultural cooperation. However the survey is intended also as a tool for other entities such as civil society and cultural actors to seek ways in which to expand the possibilities to interact. The results of the survey which you can access in this publication portray a lot of positive potential for improvement of the bilateral relations more likely starting with the ‘easy parts’: cultural cooperation and getting to know more about each other. Most important citizens seem fully aware of the importance that these relations have for the future of the entire region as well as for the European integration project that the region also shares.