AIIS Newsletter Issue 7 - April 2016


  • AIIS and EMINS join hands in establishing the Joint Centre for Albania-Serbia relations, with the support during the first year of the GermanMinistry of Foreign Affairs. Rich calendar of activities in 2016., Read more about them “Highlight” pages 1,2
  • Read more about the summary of perceptions from Albanian citizens on the relations with Serbia and the future of both countries in the EU. Check out the full executive summary in “Our research”, pg 3
  • AIIS hosted HE Dewi van de Weerd, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to talk more about the priorities of the Dutch Presidency in a difficult time for Europe. Read more about our European Forum: in “Our Events”, pg 4.
  • We travel to Brussels and Belgrade, to contribute to EU related events. More in “Other activities and contributions”, pg 2.