Economic Cooperation between Albania and Serbia

The economic dimension of regional cooperation is a key pillar for achieving an interconnected and developed Western Balkan region. Due to the prolonged economic transition, the high unemployment, especially among the youngsters, and the consideration of WB6 countries as non-functioning market economies, the economic cooperation and integration pillar has in fact topped the agenda of the ‘Berlin Process’ and has consequently received the largest allocation of funds, when compared with the other two –diplomatic and soft- pillars. 

These papers were financed by the Government Offices of Sweden and they were presented to the Albanian public on a roundtable held on December 14th 2016 by Mrs. Elena Pici, Associate Researcher of AIIS, who holds a MSc in Regional Economic Development with Distinctions from London School of Economics and Dr. Predrag Bjelić, Professor of International Trade, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade. 
Opinions and views expressed in this paper are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official views of the Albanian Institute for International Studies, the European Movement in Serbia or the Government Offices of Sweden.

"The Albania-Serbia Trade Exchange and its Potentials" authored by Dr. Bjelić can be found here.

For the "Economic Cooperation between Albania and Serbia" authored by Ms Pici, please consult the PDF publication below: