Letter from the Chairman

The Albanian Institute for International Studies (AIIS) emerged as a joint initiative of scholars and public policy analysts who realized the importance of comprehensive analysis and understanding of domestic and international issues that influence the political and economic development of Albania and the entire Balkan region.
In the aftermath of the Cold War, the emphasis on traditional security shifted to new security issues. AIIS adapted to this shift and from the start focused its research on the study of these challenges, such as internal conflicts, the traits of weak and failed states, state building, democratic transition in South-eastern Europe and NATO and European Union integration processes. In the last ten years, AIIS has concentrated its resources in raising public awareness on matters related to Euro-Atlantic integration.
Furthermore, AIIS has undertaken several projects on the consolidation of democratic practices by improving accountability and fair representation. AIIS, recognizing the negative effects of the brain drain phenomenon, has taken several steps to attract Albanian scholars and  introduce them to the opportunities within Albania. AIIS has served and continues to serve as a center of research and promotion for a number of Albanian independent researchers and students that pursue their studies abroad. Over the years, AIIS has financed their publications and has supported their research initiatives that contribute to the public discourse in Albania. In addition, AIIS, as part of a network of research institutes, has been ranked as one of the leading think tanks on international affairs and security issues. Our organization continues to benefit from this network’s experience and research resources. AIIS wishes to express its gratitude to all our donors and international partners.
Our future objectives include strengthening our human resources and capacities in order to enhance the role of the Institute as a resource tool for policy-makers. Secondly, AIIS aims at increasing its independent research capacities by improving its ability to be financially independent. Thirdly, AIIS aims to expand its international cooperation with relevant partners worldwide.
In 1998, AIIS was only an idea. Now on its seventeenth anniversary, AIIS is considered as one of the leading Albanian independent research centers on public policy and more importantly, as the nexus of scholarly and civil society efforts to speed up European integration. AIIS has built its reputation on competence and impartiality. AIIS has established an open organizational culture and a work environment that fosters excellence in research output both for individual researchers and for the institute as a whole. We are looking forward to celebrate other anniversaries!
Albert Rakipi, PhD 
Albanian Institute for International Studies