Cultural collaboration between Albania and Serbia and what can be done to use the potential in the future

Potential membership in the European Union (EU) is the main foreign policy priority of both countries. In accordance with its European orientation both Serbia and Albania are willing to prove their commitment to the promotion of regional cooperation. The initial step that should be undertaken is the establishment of cultural policy in order to bring freshness into the strained relations of the two countries. The historically burdened relationship with the various aspirations of the two neighbors led to an unforgivable ignorance of two nations, two languages, two cultures, developing long-term intolerance and prejudice. In one word, it has led to a great silence in the field of cultural policy. Political action at the time of the communist regime, which was under the full control of the state, caused certain isolation and closeness of society and the lack of cultural policy, cultural activity and cultural freedom, and above all the cultural awareness.