European Integration of the Western Balkans: Making a Realistic Perspective out of a Shifting Target

The process of European integration has encountered several difficulties for the Western Balkan region and the signs of fatigue are everywhere. The European Union internal political dynamic is not helping. With the Brexit deadline fast approaching and the European elections that took place in May 2019, it is time for the Western Balkan countries to ’weather this storm’ together.
Powered by the Western Balkans Fund, the Albanian Institute for International Studies, the European Policy Institute - Skopje and the European Movement in Serbia have produced three policy briefs, summarizing the current situation in Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia, highlighting the challenges posed by 2019 events in the EU and analysing the way the narrative is being reflected in their respective societies, as well as in the EU. The briefs also contain the relevant policy recommendations to mitigate the risks to the integration process of the countries, as well as the entire Western Balkans.