Cross Party Cooperation for Youth: Political Academy 2014

Cross Party Cooperation for Youth: Political Academy 2014

September 2013 - September 2014 

The objective of this Academy was to bring young people from different political parties youth forums in Albania so that they learn the values of bipartisanship, cooperation for shared goals and ethical communication across party lines. Therefore the curricula and speakers focus on  topics of shared importance to Albanians such as European-Atlantic integration, economic development and youth empowerment. 

Academy Curricula:

  • Albert RakipiPhD, Executive Director Albanian Institute for International Studies “Albania foreign policy: challenges for security and cooperation in the 21 century ”
  • Mr Henry Jardine, Deputy Ambassador of the United States of America to Albania

“An American perspective on Albania’s Euro-Atlantic integration”

  • Frank Hantke, Friedrich Ebert Albania, Office Director,

European Social Model for Albania”

  • Gjergji Sinani, Albanain public University, Philosophy department

“ The alternative of the European right”

  • Mr. Andi Balla, Director of TCJE, Tirana Times Editor

“Current European Realities”

  • Ms. Alba Cela, Deputy Director of AIIS

From the Founding Fathers to the Crisis: Is the EU worth saving?”