Albanians and the European Social Model: Towards a redefinition of the social contract

This survey tries to map the general attitudes of Albanian citizens towards the state, its institutions, public services, the public versus private provision of services, as well as outlines citizens’ main attitudes towards the welfare state, social solidarity, the extent of the universal provision of services, etc. 

The survey is important for three reasons: 

Beyond numbers: Participations of women in Albania's security sector

Published in October 2014, this policy brief looked at what has been done so far to promote women in the security sector in Albania and offer recommendations on further improvements and steps. As the title suggests it focused not only on numbers/quotas as a means to promote women participation in this sector. More importantly, it focused on offering policy recommendations that tackle deeper issues related to inclusion and promotion.

Albanian Greek relations from the eyes of the Albanian public

Perceptions 2013. This study published in March 2014, with the support of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Albania, tried to capure the perceptions and their implications on policy and discourse by objective research. The report published both in Albania and English summarizes the findings from the nationwide poll carried out in Albania and in Greece, gauging people's perceptions of the current relations between Albania and Greeece and potentials for the future.